Transition to Parenthood

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The transition to parenthood can be exciting, terrifying, and overwhelming. It’s usually a mixture of all three, along with many others. You may be wondering what to expect as you bring a new member into your family.

  • How will my relationship change between myself and my partner? My family? My friends?
  • My child is here and I don’t feel much of an attachment. What’s going on?
  • I can’t shake my feelings of sadness and/or anxiety. I just want to feel like myself.

Almost everyone has thoughts and questions like these. Whether you’re thinking ahead and trying to prepare yourself for this transition or are in the middle of it now, that’s where we come in!

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Our Services

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New Hope Counseling & Wellness PLLC offers virtual counseling and psycho-education services for individuals and couples as they transition to this new stage of life. Being able to plan ahead for changes or learn management skills while you’re in the thick of new parenthood can give you the confidence and skills to navigate challenges as they come.

We work with adults in this phase of life, starting at pre-conception and pre-adoption!

Nobody can predict all that is to come with this new terrain, but you can gain tools and positive coping skills to manage these changes and become a stronger and healthier individual and family unit. Let us help you through this season of life!

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Offering virtual services via synchronous online platform to anyone who is located in the state of Texas.

*New Hope Counseling & Wellness PLLC does not provide crisis services. If you or a loved one are in crisis or have an immediate need for assistance, please contact 9-1-1, go to your nearest emergency room, or contact a mobile crisis unit.

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